About Us

Welcome to the world of beauty with Melsya.
You won’t need to go to laser clinics or beauty salons anymore, because you can take care of yourself and your beauty inside your home enjoying your privacy, without having to wait too long with the Melsya IPL advanced hair removal device.

Based on every female desire to get rid of excess hair in painless ways and for as long as possible, Melsya launched in 2014 to be the first hair removal device in the Saudi domestic market, and since then we have become pioneers in this field and Melsya has become the No.1 device in Saudi Arabia.

Our Vision:
Maintain a silky smoothness of your skin that lasts every day so you can always be confident, radiant and stand out.

Our Mission:
Every Arab woman should be able to get the best results of beauty salons at home with all the privacy and the least time.

Melsya device is approved by the Saudi and American Food and Drug Administration for safe and effective use.

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